Fennel Seeds (Xiao Hui Xiang, Tieu Hoi)


Fennel Seeds are nutrient enriched oblong shaped pods that are native to China, India and the Mediterranean. This aromatic seed has a licorice or anise like taste that is used world wide in cooking, baking, marinating or steeped as a tea or elixir. Fennel seeds are a key ingredient in "Pho" (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) and many marinades throughout Asia. Fennel seeds also carry healing properties and are used in many natural remedies.


  • Nutrients enriched
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Purifies Blood
  • Improves digestion and gut health
  • Helps with constipation and gas
  • Aides in weight loss
  • Anti-inflammatory


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