Vital Qi 13 Herb General Health


Usage: Vital Qi 13 Herb General Health was formulated with ingredients to promotes vital Qi (vital energy) and general well being. This formula may be taken up to a few times a week and may be taken by individuals of all ages including children ages 5 and up.

Benefits: Boosts the immune system, replenishes energy, contains anti-aging properties, enhances respiratory health, aides with insomnia, promotes blood circulation, relieves blood stasis (internal injury or bruising), promotes regular menstruation, relieves menstrual cramps, aids in postpartum recovery, aids in post surgery recovery, minor pain and discomfort.  


  • Angelica (Dang Gui)
  • Astragulas Root (Huang Qi)
  • Chinese Yam (Shan Yao)
  • Eucommia (Du Zhong)
  • Euryale Seed (Qian Shi)
  • Glehnia Root (Bei Sha Shen)
  • Goji Berry (Gou Qi Zi)
  • Lily Bulb (Bai He)
  • Longan Fruit (Long Yan Rou)
  • Lotus Seed (Lian Zi)
  • Radix Codonopsis (Dang Sh)en
  • Red Dates (Da Zao)
  • Solomonseal Rhizome (Yu Zho)

Ginseng may be added for an additional boost to the immune system to promote blood circulation and general fatigue or taste.

Warning: Should not be consumed if you have symptoms of cold and flu, or during a menstrual cycle.


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